SETARAM Thermal Thermal Analysis and Calorimter range joins the SciMed portfolio

Scientific and Medical Products are proud to announce the integration of the SETARAM Product Range into its Thermal Analysis and Calorimeter range of products.


This exciting range of products will complement the existing range already on offer at SciMed, and will allow many of our customers to find solutions to all their needs with one supplier. Dedicated Product Specialists will be training to offer competent advice and support across the range.

For more information, please browse our Product Pages or feel free to contact us with any questions,

Analysco has merged with SciMed XRF

As of September 1st 2015, Analysco has merged its business with SciMed.

Bringing SciMed and Analysco together creates a strong and unique supplier for the XRF marketplace.  Analysco were a leading XRF consumables supplier up to this point. SciMed have been a supplier of XRF spectrometers since the early 1990s.

Chris Jackson and Malcolm Haigh will join SciMed, together with whom we will have a combined experience of over 150 years in XRF analysis and instrumentation.

This merger will also incorporate the Spectro Scientific range of Oil Condition Monitoring solutions, which will be a great addition to the SciMed product range. This will complement our existing range of AA, ICP and, TOC analysers, oxygen bomb calorimeters and NIR spectrometers, which are already used in oil condition monitoring laboratories.

With the other products that Analysco currently represent, SciMed will be taking over the UK and Ireland responsibility for New ERA NMR tubes and consumables.

Malcolm Haigh ( and Chris Jackson ( will remain as the product specialists for all of the products formally managed by Analysco and some of the SciMed staff will also contribute to the product support.  Paul Vanden Branden ( XRF Product Manager at SciMed) will lead this group overall.

To learn more about SciMed, in October we are holding our annual Open Days where we present technical presentations on a wide variety of our techniques.  This allows our customers to get a better understanding of all of the techniques and processes that we are involved in.  This year we are having a third day where we are focusing on the new PlasmaQuant MS ICP from Analytik Jena.  More details can be found in the attached information sheet.

We hope that all of Analyso’s customers see this as a positive move and we at SciMed look forward to welcoming Chris and Malcolm as colleagues in September and look forward to working with their customers in the coming months and years.

Official UK launch of the PlasmaQuant MS ICP-MS from Analytik Jena , 8th October 2015

SciMed is proud to announce this official launch day for the NEW ICP-MS from Analytik Jena: the Plasmaquant.

The event will directly follow SciMed’s Open Days (see other relevant announcement for the Open Days).

The general program for the day will be as follows

– PQMS brief overview and headlines

– Analytik Jena and it´s Spectroscopy Product Range

– PlasmaQuant MS: The World´s most Sensitive and Cost Saving ICPMS on the Market – details

– PQMS Application Examples (Environment, Geology, Nuclear, LIBS)

– PlamaQuant PQ 9000: Unmatched Robustness and Sensitivity for Matrix Samples

– Summary of Analytik Jena AA, ICP-OES range

For more information or to register please contact us and we will forward you the relevant details and registration forms or click here to  download all the details.


SciMed Open Days 2015 6-7 October 2015, Stockport

SciMed is pleased to announce its FOURTH Open Days. These will be held at SciMed’s premises in the Embankment Business Part, Vale Road, Stockport ( SK4 3GN).

These Open Days will be run over two days. A Third day has been allocated for the launch of our NEW ICP-MS from Analytik Jena ( see separate announcement)

SciMed will be proud to present the recent integration of the RIGAKU XRD and SAX Range

The synopsis of the two days is as follows:

Day 1, 6th October 2015:

– The myths about dust explosions.

– Ultrasound as a destructive tool.

– Powder Flow Characterisation using Shear testing,

-Many angles in one square box – why you need to be flexible in particle sizing,

– Food Integrity- You are what you eat, but what are you eating? (applciations of portable NIR and RAMAN spectroscopy)

– Feeling the pressure under flow? ( High Pressure Flow Chemistry)

– The safe scale up of phenol formaldehyde reactions and scale up calculations.

Evening of the 8th: Conference dinner free to all attendees.

Day 2, 9th October 2014:

– XRF: a spectroscopic method for the analysis of major, minor or trace inorganic components?

– Analysis of volatile elements by XRF using borate fusion sample preparation.

– Thermogravimetric Analysis – The balance between low & high mass techniques.

– Supercritical CO2: an overview and latest developments.

– Introduction to Rigaku’s range of Powder XRD and X-Ray tomography equipment.

– UV-VIS – not just for use with a 10mm cuvette.

– Automated solutions for TOC. ( ntotal Organic Carbon applications)

– Listen to your oil – it might tell you something you really need to know.( Oil Condition Monitoring)


A special hotel rate has been arranged at the Didsbury Hotel, a high quality boutique hotel. SciMed users get to stay free of charge

For more information or to register please contact us and we will forward you the relevant details and registration forms or click here to  download all the details.

SciMed takeover responsibility for Rigaku Corporation’s polycrystalline XRD and X-ray Tomography Business in the UK

Rigaku Cooperation and Scientific and Medical Products Ltd (SciMed) are pleased to announce that as of 1st July 2015 SciMed will be the official distributor for all of Rigaku’s X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and tomography business within the UK.  This is an increase in SciMed’s representation of Rigaku in the UK where they already look after the ED and WD-XRF Spectrometer and Handheld Raman spectrometer business.

Uwe Preckwinkel, General Sales Manager EMEA & CIS for Rigaku Europe SE, said “The UK is an important market for us for all of our XRD and x-ray tomography product lines.  We have had great success in recent years across all instruments.  To respond to the growing number of projects we are trying to put more feet on the ground. Approaching SciMed was the logical choice for us as they have looked after the sales, service and support of our WD and ED-XRF spectrometers.  They have done so  with great professionalism and enthusiasm and as such have grown our UK market presence over the last few years.  I am sure this further development of our relationship will be good for both companies and most importantly our UK users”

Paul Vanden Branden,  Product Manager for the RIGAKU range and one of the SciMed Director said “We very much look forward to growing our relationship with Rigaku & hope to achieve the same success as we are currently experiencing with XRF. We would like to thank everyone at Rigaku for putting their trust in us for the future of powder XRD in the UK.”

The range of equipment that SciMed will now have responsibility for is as follows

•             Miniflex – Benchtop XRD

•             Smartlab – High Resolution XRD

•             Ultima IV – Multipurpose XRD

•             Nano3DX – x-ray tomograph with sub-micron resolution

•             MicroCT – x-ray tomograph for hard x-ray applications

•             Rapid II – 2D Micro-Diffraction System

•             Automate II – Micro-area X-ray residual stress measurement system

•             SmartSite – portable x-ray stress analyzer



To contact SciMed and speak to a Product Specialist please CLICK HERE or call us on UK 0161 4429963

Or click on the logo below to visit the RIGAKU website:


New Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter from Parr Instrument Company

SciMed is pleased to announce the launch of a new Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

The 6050 is the next generation of calorimeter from Parr. The 6050 Continuously Compensated Calorimeter is the first model designed by Parr to be controlled by your personal computer, helping to make it Parr’s most affordable

calorimeter to date. This model is suitable for those who require a good degree of precision and a reasonable anticipated workload of up to 6 tests per hour but without the expenses and automation or the onboard logic pack associated with the rest of the 6000 series models. With its small footprint, the 6050 is Ideal for academia research, teaching, and light industrial use. It  is truly versatile and user friendly and can even be run from a tablet PC.

To contact SciMed and speak to a Product Specialist please CLICK HERE or call us on UK 0161 4429963


Free Autosampler for Your New TOC/TNb analyzer

Take your opportunity to save: In 2015 we offer a free autosampler for all TOC/TNb analyzers of the multi N/C® series.

 multi_NC_Autosampler_APG_60_112_672x507 Multi N/C® 2100 S with AS 60
 multi_NC_UVHS_APG_21_672x507 Multi N/C® 3100 with AS 21 or AS 10
 download Multi N/C® 3100 ChD and CLD with AS vario
(including AS vario sample rack) or AS 10
 multi_NC_Autosampler_APG_21_672x507 Multi N/C® UV HS with AS 21 or AS 10
 images Multi N/C® pharma UV with AS 21 or AS 10
 multi_NC_pharma_HT_672x507Multi N/C® pharma HT with AS vario or AS 21 or AS 10
The only manufacturer to gladly grant all customers a long-term warranty of 10 years for the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector®.Learn more about the multi N⁄C® series by clicking here
 Do you have questions or do you need further information or a quotation? Please contact us by phone under 0161 442 9963 or contact us here.


Job Opportunity

Part time After-sales and Stores Administrator

Scientific and Medical Products Ltd are a successful l distributor of scientific and lab equipment.  We are looking to fill a part time position within the company.

The roles of the successful applicant will be

  • Receiving and checking incoming deliveries from suppliers
  • Processing customer orders and getting goods ready for shipment
  • Ordering items from suppliers.
  • Maintaining suitable stock levels
  • Liaising with field service engineers to ensure their stock is correct.
  • Perform stock checks as required.
  • Liaise with customers and field service engineers on the administration of service contracts
  • Carry out sales order processing (eg quoting and invoicing) when required

Due to the nature of our business the majority of our shipments in and out weigh less than 10Kg.


The position is for circa 25hours per week.  The exact profile and hours are open for discussion with the suitable candidate but an example scenario would be 10am-3:30pm Monday – Friday with 30mins for lunch.

There is the possibility of extra hours as needed (e.g. holiday cover) and there may be the possibility to expand the role as the successful candidate develops and the needs of the business grows.


circa £10 per hour.

Company pension.

Health Insurance

Holiday and sick Pay.

Start Date

The exact start date is up for discussion with the successful candidate be at the absolute latest they should be able to start by early September.

To apply.

Please send your application to

Adam Rucklidge

Scientific and Medical Products Ltd

Unit B4, The Embankment Business Park,

Vale Road

Heaton Mersey,


or e-mail to


Closing Date:  Tuesday  23rd June, 2015.

Due to time constraints not all applicants will be contacted.  Applicants with whom we would like to discuss the position with further will be contacted by Thursday 25th June, 2015.

JDSU MICRO NIR User Group at Achema


MicroNIR Users Group

Attend the first annual MicroNIR™ User’s Group meeting at ACHEMA 2015!On June 18, technical leaders from the food, feed, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries will share how they use the MicroNIR™ spectrometer with their applications. Register today to meet core members of the JDSU MicroNIR team and learn more about the product and its diverse capabilities.

Sign Up Here

JDSU will provide attendees with complimentary ACHEMA 2015 conference passes.

Agenda—Thursday, June 18; Frankfurt Messe, Room CONSENS – Hall 4.C

8:30Continental breakfast; Sign-in
9:30Handheld NIR4 Farm for Feed Nutrient AnalysisChris Piotrowski, Technical Director, Aunir
10:15Evaluation of a Fit-For-Purpose, Miniature NIR Spectrometer for In-line Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Processes
Chi-Shi Chen, Manager, Pfizer
11:00Food Integrity ApplicationsYannick Weesepoel, Sr. Scientist, RIKILT
11:45Data Transfer Between a High Resolution FT-NIR Laboratory Instrument and MicroNIR
Prof. Heinz Siesler, Duisburg Essen University
12:30Lunch (compliments of JDSU)
13:30Pharmaceutical Raw Material IdentificationChris Pederson, Applications Engineering, JDSU
14:00Introduction to New MicroNIR ProductsNada O’Brien, Product Management and Marketing, JDSU
14:45Adjourn / Network, discuss your questions with JDSU staff, or walk the ACHEMA show

Thanks, and we’ll see you at ACHEMA!

The MicroNIR Team