Analysis of agricultural soils and plant materials by XRF

In the agri-food sector it is important to not only study the soil composition and use of fertilizers, but also the uptake of nutrients and potentially toxic elements within the plants and crops themselves. XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) is an accepted technique in the industry. The Rigaku NEX CG meets the challenges of soil and crop analysis using indirect excitation EDXRF (Energy Dispersive XRF). Secondary targets and polarization give the operator high precision instrumentation with a simple and intuitive software design ideal to meet the demanding trace measurements as well as the measurements of major and minor elements. Given homogenous samples the Rigaku NEX CG yields excellent performance for the elemental analysis of plant materials and soils. If desired, FP standardless semi-quantification can be improved with Matching Libraries based on one or more assayed type standards of the particular material type. The NEX CG software is powerful and flexible, yet simple and intuitive to operate. These features make the NEX CG an ideal EDXRF tool for screening and characterization of plant materials and soils.

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