Analysis of Lube oils by XRF

This Application Note shows performance for the elemental analysis of P, S, Ca, Zn, Mg, Ba, Cu and Cl in a typical lubricating oil formulation using the empirical method. Calibration summary and typical detection limits are presented, and instrument repeatability is demonstrated.The Rigaku NEX CG using the RPF-SQX fundamental parameters method coupled with a simple to create single-point Matching Library yields excellent performance for the elemental analysis of lube oils. The use of RPF-SQX greatly decreases or even eliminates the need for large suites of calibration standards. Rigaku’s approach to FP melds together automatic peak deconvolution with advanced matrix modeling to give the user a simple and powerful state-of-the art system. The results shown here indicate the NEX CG is an excellent tool for process and quality control in the manufacturing of lube oil formulations and blends, as well as in R&D for creating and evaluating new products.

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