Analysis of metallic Tungsten by high-resolution ICP-OES

Analysis of metallic Tungsten by high-resolution ICP-OES The rapid analysis of traces impurities in refractory metals and alloys is an important part of the quality-control process in the manufacture of these materials. All classical atomic spectrometry techniques, however, have major disadvantages with respect to trace detectability in these matrices, which for example arise from the high atomization temperatures (AAS), the wealth of emission lines (ICP-OES) and adverse metal oxide formation (ICP-MS) of refractory elements like W, Mo, Ta and Nb. The novel high-resolution array technology of the PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 eliminates almost all spectral interferences of classical ICP-OES providing increased power of detection for trace impurities at a competitive speed of analysis and with high ease of use.

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