ASTM D8252 by EDXRF testing for metals in crude oil and residual oil

The quality and grade of crude oil is partly determined by the metal content as well as the sulfur content. Nickel and vanadium are important impurities to detect, as well as iron in some crudes and in residual oils. The metal content is particularly important in the quality of bunker fuels. ASTM D8252 covers the need to measure low levels of nickel and vanadium in crude to meet the new NYMEX/CME specifications for light sweet crude oil futures contract concerning maximum allowable levels the Ni and V. Rigaku offers the NEX QC+, a simple, versatile, and portable benchtop EDXRF analyzer for the analysis of sulfur in crude, residual oil and marine fuels. The performance shown here demonstrates the ability of the NEX QC+ for the measurement of metals in crude and residual oil as per ASTM D8252 and sulphur in compliance with D4294. The simple user interface and low maintenance requirements of the NEX QC+ allows operators of all skill levels to use and maintain the equipment.

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