Comparison of TOC Determination Methods in Soil Sample

The carbon contained in soil has different sources and effects on the soil‘s quality. Total inorganic carbon (TIC), mainly carbonate and hydrogen carbonate, is a natural part of soil but can also derive from artificial addition and other sources. Total organic carbon (TOC) is generated by organic matter that is present from natural sources (plants, animals, degradation processes) and contaminations caused by humans and industrial and agricultural processes (oil residues, waste, overfertilization, etc.). Its content is influenced by erosion, biological decomposition (e.g., by bacteria), and farming. The TOC affects soil properties (e.g., color, fertility, toxicity). This makes TOC an important parameter in environmental protection, agriculture, waste management, and landfills, needing to be regularly monitored. Depending on the soil type and its TOC/TIC ratio, two different TOC determination strategies are available; here we look at both

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