Detection of trace elements in Urea by high-resolution ICP-OES

Urea is an organic compound that plays an important role in biological metabolism processes. Besides its physiological properties, synthetically synthesized urea has become a very meaningful compound in the clinical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. It is a starting material for the synthesis of a large number of chemicals including hydrazine and melamine that are further used for the production of resins eventually used as building materials. In agriculture, urea is a preferred compound to be used as fertilizer because of its high nitrogen content. Another application with constantly rising importance is it use as an active ingredient in exhaust gas treatment processes such as SNCR and SCR for environmental protection purposes. In these processes, ammonia or urea is injected to the exhaust gases of power plants, utility vehicles, and automobiles to reduce the emission of NOX gases to the environment by reaction to harmless products such as water and nitrogen. Due to its manifold application areas the quality of urea and its products is highly regulated. For instance, the quality of urea as NOX reduction agent AUS 32 in diesel engines is regulated by ISO 22241.

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