Fe, Ni and Co Alloy Analysis by Fundamental Parameter Method Using the Simultix14

The multi-channel X-ray fluorescence spectrometer “Simultix14” enables simultaneous measurements of all elements in samples and contributes to various kind of process control in production lines where extremely rapid analysis is required.  Fe, Ni, Co alloys including high temperature alloy, tool steel, stainless steels, etc. have broad ranges of the concentrations for many elements and many of those alloys are analyzed in production control. The calibration curves have to be separated into many groups in empirical calibration method even if matrix correction is introduced, because of strong inter-element effects of absorption and enhancement.

The basic theoretical formula of fluorescent X-ray intensity for Fundamental Parameter (FP) Method was established by Sherman in 1955 and Shiraiwa and Fujino completed the formula by correcting secondary excitation term in 1966. Rigaku had introduced the first FP method software for a WDXRF spectrometer among XRF manufacturers in 1983 and the FP method has been widely used from screening analysis as semi-quantitative analysis to production control in many industries.

In this note, Fe, Ni and Co alloy analysis by FP method is demonstrated.

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