Life Performance of Automotive Wheen Bearing Greases

Evaluates the high temperature stability of automotive wheel bearing greases in a modified automotive front wheel hub-spindle-bearings assembly. The ASTM D3527 Life Performance test employs severe conditions–25 lbf (111N) thrust load, 1000rpm, 160°C spindle temperature –to induce grease deterioration and failure. The test continues in a 20/4 hour on/off cycle until grease breakdown causes measured drive motor torque to increase past an established end point. The number of hours to failure is the test result. The ASTM D4290 Accelerated Leakage Tendencies procedure employs similar test conditions for a 20 hour period, after which leakage of grease and oil is measured and the bearings are washed and examined for deposits of gum and varnish.

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