Micro mapping with WDXRF

One feature of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry is that a large area, as much as 30 mm in diameter, can be measured on the surface of a specimen, which appropriately represents an analysis sample. On the other hand, there has been demand for the ability to measure small spots on the surface of a specimen (point analysis) or to obtain information concerning elemental distribution across the surface of a specimen (mapping analysis). Although there have been XRF spectrometers dedicated to point or mapping analysis available in the market, it has not been possible to also perform large area analysis with these models. Rigaku ZSX Primus IV and ZSX Primus general purpose wavelength dispersive XRF (WDXRF) spectrometers can perform point and mapping analysis. This application note demonstrates the point and mapping analysis function of ZSX Primus IV/Primus by analyzing a granite rock chip.

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