The measurement of phosphorus (P) conversion coating on galvanized steel by XRF

Aluminium and steel are often coated with a protective conversion coating, also called passivate or passivation coating, to prevent oxidation and corrosion of the base metal. Conversion coatings include Cr, Ti, V, Mn, Ni, P or Zr. A phosphate coating may be applied as to minimize wear on cutting tools and stamping machines. Aluminium is often coated for use in aircraft parts, aluminium window frames and other similar industries where the aluminium is exposed to weathering. Steel for the automotive industry is typically first galvanized with a zinc coating before the conversion coating is applied. Protected steel is also used for outdoor sheds and other similar uses where steel is exposed to weathering. Conversion coating also help in the retention of paint for the final finished product. The performance shown here demonstrates NEX QC+ provides excellent sensitivity and performance for the measurement of phosphorus conversion coatings on galvanized steel.

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