The measurement of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) in lotions by XRF

TiO2 is added to lotions, creams and various cosmetics as a whitening agent and acts as a sunscreen. ZnO is added as a sunscreen and is very effective at blocking UV light. Its concentration is a factor in determining the SPF (sun protection factor) of lotions and creams. ZnO is also a mild astringent with mild antiseptic properties used in lotions and creams to help retain moisture and provide a protective layer to the skin and to prevent diaper rash in baby products. When iron oxide (Fe2O3) is also added the TiO2 (white) and Fe2O3 (red) are blended in various proportions to create the many shades of reds and browns in cosmetics, make-up, rouge and lipsticks.

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