TOC analysis in Electroplating Baths by UV digestion

Electroplating baths are widely used to deposit a metal coating on a conductive surface by immersion of the objects into a bath solution and application of an electric current. The purpose of this can vary in a wide range that includes decorative silver, gold, or palladium finish on jewelry or the enhancement of physical properties such as corrosion prevention, conductivity, hardness, or durability changes to materials. Manufacturers of plating baths need to establish optimum specifications for their plating solutions and must take action to maintain their formulations and to prevent problems related to improper levels of bath constituents and contaminants. Among other parameters, gradual and continuous changes in cyanide or surfactant content of plating baths may lead to a significant decrease in efficiency. All these problems can be addressed and avoided by monitoring the sum parameter TOC in quality control of plating bath production.

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