TOC Monitoring in Boiler Feed and Cooling Water of Fossil-Fuel-Fired and Nuclear Power Plants

Water within power plants, and particularly boiler feed water, is subject to strict analytical control. Organic impurities in the boiler feed water can easily oxidize under high pressure and high temperatures and may lead to the formation of corrosive organic acids and carbonic acid. State-of-the-art feed water production therefore uses reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration membranes and ion exchangers to reduce and control the corrosion potential of the final feed water. The condensate return has to be checked for TOC levels as well to monitor for contamination, for example contamination caused by leakages in the steam pipes or heat exchangers. In addition salts are often added as oxygen scavengers, as are neutralizing amines or boric acid to regulate pressurized-water reactors in nuclear power plants.

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