Trace Metals Analysis in Water-Methanol-Oil Mixtures by high-resolution ICP-OES

Water-methanol-oil mixtures in varying compositions are used as additive in internal combustion engines. Here, water injection, also known as anti-detonant injection systems (ADI), is used to spray water or a water/methanol mixture into the fuel/air mixture in order to cool the introduction system avoiding premature ignition of the fuel. This leads to improved behavior in terms of engine knocking and compression ratio in engines of aircrafts and racing cars. Results are increased power and fuel efficiency, improved power output for short duration such as increase of thrust of jets during takeoff, and reduction of NOX and CO emissions by decreased soot formation during the combustion process. In ADI fluids, methanol serves as an anti-freezing agent and as combustible additive. The small fraction of water-soluble oil mainly acts as corrosion inhibitor but also serves as lubrication agent. Quality control of ADI fluids in terms of trace element analysis is required to ensure the absence of compounds that compromise efficiency or trigger corrosion and eventually cause technical breakdown of the engine.

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