SciMed Open Days 2014, 8-9th October in Stockport

SciMed is pleased to announce its third Open Days. These will be held at SciMed’s new premises in the Embankment Business Part, Vale Road, Stockport ( SK4 3GN).

The format will be as per the previous years, as it has been highly praised by past delegates. However the content has been amended to reflect the product updates and new technologies available.

SciMed is particularly proud to introduce Gel Permeation Chromatography from TOSOH Bioscience to the UK market.

The synopsis of the two days is as follows:

Day 1, 8th October 2014:

– Counterfeit Detection using NIR and Raman Spectroscopy

– High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)

– Particle size characterisation and Zeta potential analysis

– Supercritical CO2 applications

– XRF Sample Preparation methods

– Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Theory and applications

Evening of the 8th: Conference dinner free to all attendees.

Day 2, 9th October 2014:

– XRF: small spot analysis and elemental mapping

– Exploring the world of Calorimetry

– Powder Flow Characterisation

– Dust explosions: is your process safe?

– The application of ultrasonic homogenizers in both laboratory & industry

– Thermo gravimetric Analysis: a method for the masses


A special hotel rate has been arranged at the Didsbury Hotel, a high quality boutique hotel. SciMed users get to stay free of charge

For more information or to register please contact us and we will forward you the relevant details and registration forms.

A New Generation of Hand Held Raman: the RIGAKU PROGENY 1064nm

SciMed is proud to announce the launch of a new generation of Hand Held Raman Spectrometer with RIGAKU.

Building on the unique features of the First Guard 1064nm, RIGAKU has created a new platform with the PROGENY1064nm.

This unique product offers some of the following apabilities:

  • Unique 1064 excitation that avoids fluorescence
  • Sealed design
  • Unique form factor for better user visibility
  • CFR21 PArt 11 compliant software
  • Wireless communication: WIFI, Bluetooth and more
  • Simple user interface with “smart phone feel”

Watch the video below ( also on You Tube)



f you want to view some information on the extended RIGAKU RAMAN range, please click here.

For  prices or if you want to talk to someone at SciMed about this product please either call UK 0161 491 3068 or  click here
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SciMed is moving

SciMed ( Scientific and Medical Products Limited) will be moving to new premises on the 16th of April.

Our new address will be:



All emails and mobile phones will remain unchanged.

The office phone number will change and will be know on the day of the move.  If you call the old number after this date, an automated message will provide the new number.


Cell Culture Media Identification Using Handheld Raman

Cell Culture Media Identification Using Handheld Raman
Claire Dentinger, PhD, Rigaku Raman Technologies, Inc.
Cell culture media plays an important role in biopharmaceutical production. Handheld Raman provides the means for nondestructive, cost effective, and efficient analysis of complex cell culture media essential for high quality process control. A study of synthetic cell culture media concluded that use of a handheld Raman analyzer equipped with a 1064 nm laser wavelength revealed distinct results.

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Find out more about the Raman Spectrometer Range

SciMed now distributor of the worlds smallest NIR Spectrometer

SciMed is pleased to announce our latest partnership agreement with JDSU to sell their range of breakthrough NIR spectrometers throughout the UK and Ireland.


The MicroNIR™ Spectrometer from JDSU, is an ultra-compact, handheld NIR spectrometer, that can be used in many industries including pharmaceutical, food, military, police, forensics, academia and many others. The spectrometer is disruptive to the analytical instrumentation industry not only because of its small size and light weight, but because of its affordability and high performance to price ratio.

jdsu  jdsu1

Due to it’s compact nature and ability to collect real time data, the MicroNIR™ Spectrometer is also ideal for many in-process analyses.

new jdsu 2jdsu3

Sign up for our 2013 SciMed Open days (27th-28th Nov) and see the MicroNIR™ Spectrometer in action.


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SciMed Open Days 27-28 November 2013 (UPDATE)


The SciMed Open Days will be held on the 27-28 November 2013 in North London:

VILLAGE London Elstree Centennial Avenue, Centennial Park, Elstree WD6 3SB.



The event will cover the following:

Day 1 Analytical Chemistry including the following topics:

– XRF (including sample preparation), Raman Spectroscopy, Thermal Analysis, Particle Sizing, Bomb Calorimetry

Day 2 Advanced Chemistry including the following topics:

– Supercritical Fluids and general High Pressure Chemsitry, Electrochemistry, Ultrasonic Processors.



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SciMed new Web site!

It is with great pleasure that SciMed is launching its new web site.

All our new products have been added. these include:

– Brookhaven Particle Characterisation

– Van der Heijden Chillers

There will also be regular updates on all existing projects.

Please browse our growing range of new technologies!