Rigaku “HyPix” 2D XRD Detector Workshop



Invitation and Final Call for Talks

24th January 2019


You are cordially invited to participate in a joint Rigaku-Scimed user workshop for the Rigaku HyPix 2D detector. The upcoming event at the ISIS beam line, Oxford, UK. It is intended to provide an opportunity for you to meet fellow users and discuss recent research with experts, as well as to learn about novel developments and applications in a pleasant, informal environment. To give you the best chance to participate in this two-day workshop, Rigaku and Scimed are happy to sponsor the full workshop and make it as free of charge for all participants excluding hotel and travel expenses.

In addition, there will be a Q&A session and ‘hands-on’ training with a focus on advanced data analysis.

If you would like to present your recent results and applications (poster or oral presentation), do not hesitate to contact to Keith.Tame@scimed.co.uk . Moreover, please direct any questions you may have to Keith as well.


Registration to be closed on Thursday the 31st January


If you have not already registered and would like to attend  please e-mail keith.tame@scimed.co.uk


Workshop venue

ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Harwell Oxford,


OX11 0QX,

United Kingdom



5th, 13:00 – 17:00
13:00   Opening remark/welcomes
13:10   Introduction to Scimed
13:30   Invited Speech Dr Christy Kinane  (STFC) Lab x-rays and the ISIS Large Scale Structures Group Science  Program”
14:00   Presentation “The New Smartlab XE”- new features and attachments
14:30   Break (soft drinks, water and juice available)
14:50   Invited speech  Professor  Thomas Thomson  (Manchester) “X-Ray diffraction and reflectivity of ordered and multilayer magnetic thin films”
15:30   Invited speech,  Dr Keisuke Saito (Rigaku) “Smartlab Studio II – the new Rigaku Software
16:00   Invited Speech, Dr Shyju Ibrahimkutty (RESE)  HyPix-3000 – High-resolution/high-speed 2D Single photon counting X-ray detector”.
16:45  Q/A session

17:30 Close

6th, 9:00 – 12:00
09:00   Invited speech, Dr Craig Bull (STFC) Variable Temperature and Pressure Studies of Some Metal Oxides – The Role of X-ray Diffraction”
09:40   Invited speech, Dr Keisuke Saito (Rigaku),XRD solution on Li-ion battery related materials – from operando to pair distribution function (PDF) analysis
10:20 Break (soft drinks, water and juice available)
10:40   Mark Benson (Rigaku Europe) The New Rigaku European sales and service structure
11:00   Invited speech, Gilles Möhl Using GISAXS to study weakly correlated as well as highly ordered systems”
11:30  Open discussion hosted by Dr Saito (Rigaku) to discuss what people see as the future for in house XRD and what technology & software they would like to see being developed.
12:00   Closing remarks


6th, 12:00 – 16:00 “Hands-on practical session”
12:15   Lunch for those wishing to stay for the Hands-on session can be had at the ISIS Canteen

13:00   Hands-on practical session using the two Rigaku 9kW systems at ISIS- this will be run by Dr Keisuke Saito and Dr Shyju Ibrahimkutty

16:00   Closing


HIROX SH 5500P Benchtop launch and road show

New High Performance Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope 


SciMed are please to announce the launch of the new HIROX SEM SH-5000M.

Join us at one of our Roashow venues listed below

Dates and venues 

  • January 29th – University of Portsmouth
  • January 30th -University of Birmingham
  • January 31st – SciMed Facility – Stockport

Bring some samples with you!

The HIROX SH-5000M high performance SEM offers the following exciting features:

  •  5-axis Strokes – X,Y,R, Z (rotation) , T (tilt).
  • High magnification beyond the optical limit      .
  • Non-conductive samples can be observed without coating.
  •  5kV to 30kV Variable Accelerating Voltage

 4-Hole Variable Aperture (30/50/100/200µm)



Click on the logo below to get more information about this road show:


Autumn 2018 Seminars

SciMed Autumn 2018 Seminar Series

SciMed are holding two, one-day technical seminars. These standalone events are designed to give lab managers and analysts an understanding of the latest developments of laboratory equipment and techniques relevant to the theme.

These informal sessions will comprise a set of technical presentations followed by a lab session which will give participants to gain a better insight to the different analysers and process solutions that SciMed offer.

These FREE to attend seminars will be held at SciMed’s offices in Stockport and will start at 10am for registration with the first presentation at 10:30.  Tea and coffee will be served through the day along with a buffet lunch.

For more information on each day please click on the links below.


Tuesday 16th October 2018

Techniques for the waste, environmental and recycling industries


Wednesday 17th October 2018

Techniques used for materials characterisation


To discuss the content of these seminars, your possible attendance or with any other query please either call us on 0161 442 9963 an ask for Adam or fill in our enquiry form by CLICKING HERE

SciMed compliance with GDPR and updated Privacy Policy

In full compliance with the changes brought out with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, brought in on 25/05/2018), SciMed has updated its privacy policy.

These changes ensure that  anyone who is on the SciMed database, can have full access to the information held about them as well as update their contact preferences. Each individual also has the right to be removed from the list, providing this information is not required by SciMed with relation to offering  adequate customer service.

Please click the link below to access our detailed privacy policy.




SciMed announced as new UK distributors for Brookfield Viscometers

SciMed  are pleased to announce that we have been chosen by AMETEK Brookfield as the exclusive distributor for their range of laboratory viscometers. Brookfield are the pioneers and global market leaders for rotational viscometry and the range of instruments, accessories and consumables are available from SciMed from 1st June 2018. Many businesses around the world use Brookfield viscometers as a vital tool in the quality control and performance indication of their products. The range of viscometers include robust and rugged tools for routine QC testing through to research grade instruments for material characterisation in QC and R&D.


Brookfield Director of International Sales, Nilay Shah, commented “As a leader in viscosity measurement for more than 80 years, Brookfield wanted a dedicated and experienced partner for the Laboratory viscometer range in the United Kingdom. We believe SciMed’s technical expertise in Brookfield’s core markets and applications and focus on customer service fits very well with Brookfield’s philosophy. We are confident that this move will further improve our best-in-class technical and sales support and enhance the overall customer experience”


Upon appointment by Brookfield, Adam Rucklidge, Director at SciMed said “We are very excited and delighted that Brookfield have approached us to be their UK distributor.  Brookfield is clearly the name in rotational viscometery and this is a highly significant addition to our product line. Marrying Brookfield’s market leading product line with our sales team, existing Brookfield users and those looking to start out using viscometer will have easy and reliable access to both the instruments and consumables.” 


Please contact info@scimed.co.uk for more information

Koehler appoints SCiMed as exclusive distributor for UK and Ireland

SciMed are please to announce their appointment as exclusive distributor for Koehler Instrument Company, based in Long Island , NY USA.

Koehler specialises in providing instruments and testing equipment for oil, grease, lubricants and fuels. They have been established since 1925 and have been at the forefront of many ASTM methods used in these industries. The product range includes methods for :

  • Flashpoint
  • Distillation
  • Oxidation
  • Corrosion
  • Floculation
  • Cloud and pour Point
  • Freezing point
  • Viscosity

and many other applications

For More information please contact us on enquiries@scimed.co.uk or visit:



New RIGAKU Smartlab SE XRD X-Ray Diffraction

Rigaku and Scimed are delighted to announce the release of a new mid-range cost effective and highly versatile diffractometer The new Smartlab SE – Automated Multipurpose X-ray Diffractometer from Rigaku  including

3kW Sealed Tube with Bragg-Brentano, Parallel and Divergent Beam Optics. State-of-the-art High Speed Detectors.

  • Low Cost & Improved Performance
    • Employing a Semiconductor detector as standard component
      • 0D, 1D & 2-D detector are selectable
  • New Smartlab Studio II for measuring & data processing
    • Consolidate all data processing packages into one area
  • Automatic user guidance function for rapid instrument setup
  • Wide range of sample attachments to meet demanding applications
    • SAXS
    • USAXS
    • Micro-area
    • Capillary, Battery & Non-ambient attachments
  • Single or 3-phase power options


Rigaku Smartlab XRD installed at the Henry Royce Institute at The University of Manchester.

Scientific and Medical Products (Stockport) are proud to announce the installation of a new Rigaku Smartlab system within the National Graphene Institute at The University of Manchester (UoM) as part of the leading advanced materials work being carried out on campus.

Research in this area will become part of the activity to support the Henry Royce Institute, which will have its hub based in Manchester.  The Royce will lead the accelerated discovery and development of new materials systems for the economic and social benefit of the UK. The key theme within the Royce  will be the application of 2D Materials, in collaboration with the National Graphene Institute, an area pioneered in the UK, and one where the UK has a lead in the terms of the fundamental physics of such materials.

In this facility, the University will provide the users, from the University, from the Royce partners, other academic groups in the UK, and companies investing in the production and use of 2DMaterials an easy access to the accelerated make-evaluate-refine loop leading to faster optimization and delivery of new materials, using the rapid screening of the thin films formed from the 2DMaterials.

xrd manchester









The most efficient and rapid way of achieving this is through the use of X-ray diffraction, using X-ray diffractometers suitable for investigating structures of nm-thin films. The Rigaku Smartlab XRD will allow investigation in the in-plane and out-of-plane crystalline structures of thin films, laminates and membranes (e.g., graphene or graphene oxide membranes) at various conditions such as different temperatures and different solution or solvent environment etc. The understanding of the membrane structure at various conditions is crucial for the optimisation of membrane design for various applications. For example, the inter-layer structure of graphene oxide membrane changes drastically with exposure to different aqueous solutions and this property allow us to tune the graphene capillaries in the graphene oxide membranes. This Smartlab XRD will be critical for the characterisation and functionalization of solution processed large area 2D Materials van der Waals heterostructures and films for various applications such as photovoltaic, sensors etc, which are in the focus of Royce partners, the universities of Cambridge and Manchester.



More information of the Rigaku Smartlab XRD can be found HERE



SciMed proud to add the ASAHI Glass Plant range of glass reactors to its portfolio

Asahi is a cutting edge manufacturer of state of the art glass ware for the most demanding applications.

The product range includes:

  • 300 – 5000 mL Ring Baffle Lab Reactors
  • 10 – 100 L Ring Baffle Pilot Scale Reactors
  • Glass Pressure Vessels 6 – 12 bar
  • Nutsche Filters
  • Thin Film Evaporator
  • Short Path Evaporator
  • Large Scale Rotary Evaporators
  • Customised Plant Designs

The Asahi range provides the ultimade in precision and control.

To contact SciMed and speak to a Product Specialist please CLICK HERE or call us on UK 0161 4429963