Enhance your quality control

Enhance your quality control:

Coating Thickness Measurement

Do you want to achieve greater accuracy? Faster throughput? More flexibility in sample size – or output? 

Do you strive for greater accuracy, faster throughput, and more flexibility in sample size and output? Look no further than Bowman Coating Thickness Measurement Systems! With our state-of-the-art technology and unmatched advantages, we offer the ideal solution for your quality control needs.

The Bowman Advantage!

When it comes to coating thickness measurement, Bowman stands out from the competition. Here’s why our systems are the top choice for precision and reliability:

  1. Unmatched coating thickness range: Our systems can measure coating thickness from 13Al to 92U, covering a range of 0.005 to 110 microns*. No matter the element of interest, our technology has you covered.
  2. Enhanced sensitivity and precision: Our systems feature three times closer analytical optics, ensuring superior sensitivity and precision in every measurement.
  3. Catalogue of reference standards: Accurate calibrations are crucial in quality control. With our comprehensive catalogue of reference standards, you can trust the reliability of your measurements.
  4. IPC 4552-Rev A/B compliant: All our systems are guaranteed to be compliant with the IPC 4552-Rev A/B standards, ensuring the highest quality standards in the industry.

(*Dependent on the element of interest)

The Bowman Range

Bowman Coating Thickness Measurement Systems offer an unmatched coating thickness range of 0.005 – 110 microns*, covering 13Al to 92U, ensuring precise measurements.


The G-Series is an entry-level solution that combines budget-friendly pricing with a compact footprint and high specification. Here are its key features and benefits:

  • Motorised Z-axis stage with laser auto-focus: The unique optics-below configuration allows for the most consistent measurement of profiled items with a focal depth of up to 25mm.
  • High-resolution Silicon Drift Detector: This detector comes standard with the G-Series, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.
  • RoHS analysis software option: If your application requires RoHS analysis, the G-Series offers a software option tailored to your needs.
  • Ideal for low-throughput plating applications and jewellery analysis.


For those seeking more advanced capabilities, the P-Series is the perfect choice. Here are the key features and benefits of the P-Series:

  • Fully programmable X-Y stage: This feature enables the measurement of multiple points or multiple samples, enhancing efficiency and versatility.
  • Optics-above with motorised Z-axis stage and laser auto-focus: The P-Series allows for consistent measurement of deeper profiled items with a focal depth of up to 63mm.
  • Slotted chamber design: Ideal for wide PCB sheets, the slotted chamber design maintains a small footprint while accommodating larger samples.
  • High-resolution Silicon Drift Detector: The P-Series comes standard with this detector, with an optional faster high-throughput detector available for high-speed measurements.
  • Ideal for PCB manufacturing, high-throughput process control, and deeply profiled items.


When it comes to measuring large components with deeper profiling, the L-Series excels. Here are the key features and benefits of the L-Series:

  • Large closed-chamber design: The L-Series offers a spacious chamber, allowing for the measurement of large components with deeper profiling.
  • All the functionality of the P-Series: The L-Series retains all the features and benefits of the P-Series system while also being capable of handling larger samples. The chamber size of the L-Series is 280mm (H) x 550mm (D) x 600mm (W).
  • RoHS analysis software option: Similar to the G-Series and P-Series, the L-Series also offers a software option for RoHS analysis, catering to specific industry requirements.
  • Ideal for metal finishing applications with large test items: The L-Series is the perfect solution for industries involved in metal finishing, where large test items need to be measured accurately and efficiently.

Unlock the Bowman Advantage

Achieving greater accuracy, faster throughput, and more flexibility in sample size and output is essential for enhancing quality control processes.

With Bowman Coating Thickness Measurement Systems, you can unlock the Bowman Advantage and take your quality control to the next level.

Whether you choose the G-Series, P-Series, or L-Series, you’ll benefit from cutting-edge technology, unmatched precision, and compliance with industry standards.

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