HIROX SH 5500P Benchtop launch

SciMed Autumn 2018 Seminar Series

SciMed are holding two, one-day technical seminars. These standalone events are designed to give lab managers and analysts an understanding of the latest developments of laboratory equipment and techniques relevant to the theme.

New High Performance Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope 

SciMed are please to announce the launch of the new HIROX SEM SH-5000M.

Join us at one of our Roashow venues listed below

Dates and venues 

  • January 29th – University of Portsmouth
  • January 30th -University of Birmingham
  • January 31st – SciMed Facility – Stockport

Bring some samples with you!

The HIROX SH-5000M high performance SEM offers the following exciting features:

  • 5-axis Strokes – X,Y,R, Z (rotation) , T (tilt).
  • High magnification beyond the optical limit      .
  • Non-conductive samples can be observed without coating.
  • 5kV to 30kV Variable Accelerating Voltage

 4-Hole Variable Aperture (30/50/100/200µm)