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Join us for a brief, informative video on how to take part in our free sample analysis challenge. Discover the simple steps required to send in your samples and experience the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of our ICP-MS for yourself. 

Key features & benefits of the ICP-MS

Key benefits & features

Eco Plasma – uses 50% less argon than other ICP-MS systems. Can run as low as 7.5 l/min to save you huge amounts of money.

Reflexion – a 3-D focussing mirror ensures more ions reach the quadrupole and detector improving your limits of detection. Saves both time and money running analyses.

All-Digital Detector – works over 11 orders of magnitude and has no errors typically associated with analogue detectors. The lifetime of the detector is enhanced, saving you money.

iCRC – collision/reaction cell located at the cone interface. This means faster and more efficient interference removal saving you both time and money.

*based on a single ICP-MS intrument using liquid Argon, operated for 14 hours per day, 5 days per week.

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