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Helping lubricants and grease producers navigate new regulations

24th March 2023

SciMed to host lubricants and grease testing seminar and share advice on the instruments and ASTM test methods that will help grease producers meet new standards

The UK’s largest distributor of scientific instrumentation, SciMed will host a lubricants and grease testing seminar at its office in Stockport on April 27, 2023. 

A key speaker at the event is the product manager at Koehler, Vincent Colantuoni, who will share details of new standard test methods for the first time and discuss how grease producers can apply these in their businesses. Key topics at the seminar will include new ASTM test method developments for grease testing, lubricating oil analysis and advice for lubricant chemical manufacturers and blenders.


About the event

The topics that will be discussed at the event are new ASTM test method developments for grease testing, key lubricating oil testing and automation, high-performance multiuser grease specification, ICP-OES and AAS for lubricating oil analysis and ED-XRF and WD-XRF methods for lubricant chemical manufacturers and blenders. There will also be a poster session featuring articles and information on various fuel testing methods.

SciMed is the UK distributor for many leading suppliers of test methods for lubricants and greases, such as Koehler, RIGAKU, Analytik Jena and Setaram, and will use the seminar as an opportunity to share advice on the new lubricant testing methods that grease producers should use moving forwards. Furthermore, attendees can get some hands-on practice with some of the instruments used for lubricant testing, which you can bring your own samples with you to try out.

“Koehler has manufactured the gold standard instrumentation for lubricant analysis for about 100 years and plays a key role in developing new testing methods and standards,” explained Paul Vanden Branden, director and product manager at SciMed. “We arranged this seminar to give our customers the chance to hear from the manufacturer directly about the new testing methods and give them a chance to try some of the relevant instruments for themselves with the support of our experts.”

The three speakers at the event will be Vincent Colantuoni, product manager at Koehler, Matt Allen, product manager at SciMed and John Austin, XRF applications specialist at SciMed.

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