Manufacturers Represented

Adam Equipment


Leading supplier of analytical balances for laboratory applciaitons

Analytik Jena AG

A world leading provider of analytical solutions including: Atomic Absoprtion Spectroscopy , Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy, TOC/TNb, Combusiont analysers , Mercury Analysers, and UV-VIS Spectrometers

Brookhaven Instruments

Full range of particle characterisation including:  Particle Size Analysers, Zeta Potential Analysers, Molecular Weight Analysers, Laser Light Scattering Instruments.

C3 Cement Calorimeter

Isothermal Multi Channel Calorimeter.

Cecil Instruments Ltd

Visible Range Spectrophotometers (325 – 1000nm) Single Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometers (190 – 1000nm) Double Beam Scanning UV-VIS Spectrophotometers (190 – 1000nm)


Range of Reaction calorimeters applying the “True Flow” concept


Dr Ing Dietmar Schulze

Ring Shear Testers for powders and bulk solids (powder/shear/flowability testers) for the measurement of flowability – compressibility – consolidation – caking – attrition – wall friction – internal friction


Fauske & Associates, LLC

Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool (ARSST) for thermal hazard analysis and runaway reaction evaluation and Accelerated Rate Calorimeter (ARC) Bombs.

Super Stirrer for viscous and multiphase mixtures.

Vent Sizing Package (VSP) using DIERS technology to obtain critical process design data.



Leading supplier of XRF consumables, calibration standards and certified materials.

Foster and Freeman

Foster and Freeman are the worldwide market leader in the provisions of analytical tools to the Forensic Science Indutry. SciMed™ has been specifically appointed to promote its “Trace Evidence” range into non forensic markets. The products covered are the RAMAN Spectrometer range as well as the LIBS ( Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy).


Gamry Instruments

Electrochemical Potentiostats for Research & Development Techniques include: Cyclic Voltammetry; Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS); Corrosion Measurement and Electrochemical Noise

Hielscher Ultrasound Technology

Supplier of Ultrasonic devisec for lab scale, pilot scale and full industrial scale

Hitachi High Tech

Complete Thermal Analysis Product range including TG-DTA, DSC, DMA (DMS), TMA-SS and PDC

X-Ray Fluorescence systems for Elemental Analysis and Coating Thickness Measurements.




Manufacturer of the world’s smallest NIR spectrometer, and world leading supplier of anti counterfeit inks and printing solutions.

Kartell Plastics

(contact Scientific & Medical)

Laboratory Plasticware & Plastic Disposables

Parr Instrument Co

Pressure Vessels, Stirred & Non-Stirred Reactors Autoclaves, Hydrogenators, Oxygen Combustion Bombs, Sample Preparation Bombs, Microwave Digestion Bombs Conventional Digestion Vessels

Calorimeters; Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters, Isoperibol Automatic Control Calorimeters, Solution and Micro Calorimeters



High performace Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer with polarised optics for high detection limits.

Extensive range of Wavelenght Dispersive Spectrometers

Full Range of Hand Held Raman Spectrometers



Supplier of liquid certified standards and buffers


World leading supplier of Thermal Analysis Intruments and Calorimters. These include high mass and high temperature solutions


SFE Process

Pilot and large scale Supercritical plants. Used to be called Separex, the world leading French provider.

Sherwood Scientific Ltd.

Supplier of Flame Photometers, Cholrie Analysers and Powder Fluid Bed Dryers.

Spectro Scientific

Spectro Scientific specializes in analytical tools and software for machine condition monitoring.


Tosoh Biosciences

World leading Gel Permeation Chromatography supplier.


Van Der Heijden

Full range of Chillers mainly used in laboratory and on spectrometers. Fully customised solutions also available


Water - Thar SFE

Supercritical fluid solutions for up to 5L systems: Extraction, Reactions, Particle formation, Carbon Capture and Storage.

Full range of components for custom design of Supercritical CO2 system