Monitor your blending using the Wireless MicroNIR from Viavi

Using the small form factor MicroNIR from Viavi allows you the ability to monitor a blend on a moving system. The PAT-WIFI is a fully integrated wireless system with built-in motion sensor allowing the automated and optimised collection of spectra during the rotation of a mixing vessel. Scimed have been working closely with Matcon Ltd to develop methods and demonstrate the capabilities of blend endpoint monitoring using the Matcon IBC Tumble Blender at their Centre of Excellence Test Facility in Evesham (UK).








“The PAT-WIFI has greatly enhanced our customer demonstrations and product development. Its small size and ease of use makes it ideal for development or production environments, we’re looking forward to furthering our work with Scimed and Viavi into 2017” – Ian Williams, R&D Engineer – Matcon Ltd.


Further information of the capabilities of Matcon Ltd can be found at


An application note for Manufacturing Scale Implementation of MicroNIR PAT for Blend Monitoring of Solid Dose Formulations


The PAT-WIFI can also be used for existing system optimisation and ongoing product monitoring.


Other NIR system include:

  • PAT-USB – Hard wired sensor for fixed position monitoring.
  • Extended Optics – Attach the MicroNIR to a tabletting press.
  • MicroNIR Onsite – Handheld sensor for laboratory or atline analysis









Applications include:

  • Blend monitoring and uniformity
  • API concentration
  • Moisture
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical Manufacturing



Further information of the capabilities of Matcon Ltd can be found at


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