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Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a highly versatile, sensitive, and efficient analytical method widely used in diverse fields. Analytik Jena’s PlasmaQuant MS series provides ICP-MS instruments that surpass expectations in terms of accuracy, precision, and speed, while meeting all the criteria for sample management, durability, and regulatory compliance.

PlasmaQuant MS Series

  • Sensitive – 1500 Mcps/ppm at <2 % CeO
  • Cost-effective – half the argon consumption
  • Fast – 50 % higher sample throughput
  • Robust – matrix-independent long-term stability
  • Versatile – optimised for research and routine use

Key features & benefits of the PQMS ICP-MS

Sensitivity and Efficiency

The PlasmaQuant MS range of instruments from Analytik Jena is a versatile ICP-MS solution that offers unparalleled sensitivity and speed with low running costs. Here are the three key advantages of the PlasmaQuant MS range:

Superior performance: With up to 10 times more sensitivity than other equivalent ICP-MS devices, PlasmaQuant MS range can handle difficult sample matrices using built-in aerosol dilution, and the Nitrox system allows direct analysis of organic solvents. It provides rapid switching between helium collision or hydrogen reaction gas modes, and features specialist ASpect MS software, providing automated instrument optimisation, simple method development, and automated quality control checks and procedures.

Cost savings: The PlasmaQuant MS range has the lowest running costs of any ICP-MS instrument with low argon use and a reduction of approx. 50% in argon consumption compared to all other ICP-MS instruments.

Flexibility: The PlasmaQuant MS range is user-friendly and provides added features, making it perfect for meeting both routine and complex analytical challenges. It is suitable for a range of applications in various industries and sectors, including environment, food and agriculture, chemicals and materials, oil and gas, power and energy, medical and forensic, pharma and life sciences, geology, mining, and metals.


Key features of PlasmaQuant include:


  • Low argon use – compared to all other ICP-MS instruments
  • High sensitivity – up to 10 times more sensitive than equivalent ICP-MS devices
  • Faster analysis time
  • Robust performance with difficult matrices
  • Rapid switching between helium collision or hydrogen reaction gas modes
  • Fast and easy routine maintenance of torch and cones through book design opening of the interface
  • Specialist ASpect MS software, providing automated instrument optimisation, simple method development, and automated quality control checks and procedures.

Key applications of PlasmaQuant MS

ICP-MS is capable of detecting and quantifying elements across the periodic table at concentrations ranging from parts-per-quadrillion to as high as parts-per-thousand or even percent levels, thanks to the all-digital detector’s extended range.

  • Environment – soil, water, waste, recycling
  • Food and Agriculture – feed, foodstuffs, beverages and ingredients
  • Chemicals and Materials – raw materials, impurities, reagents, finished products
  • Oil and Gas – impurities, processing, and organic solvents
  • Power and Energy – raw materials and effluents
  • Medical and forensic – for toxicology, biomonitoring and materials analysis
  • Pharma and Life Sciences – inorganic impurities, cis-platin therapies, or nanoparticle drug delivery systems
  • Geology, Mining and Metals – exploration, ore analysis, processing, and speciality metals

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Analytik Jena’s ICP-MS solutions deliver unmatched sensitivity, providing laboratories with powerful and dependable instruments that can help address the growing demands for increased sample throughput or faster measurement times, while maintaining high levels of analytical accuracy and reproducibility.

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