Processing and Extraction of Hemp and other Natural Products

04 December 2019 – From field to bottle – The extraction and processing of CBD oil products.

Arrive 09:30 start at 10:00

10:00 – Introduction to SciMed

10:10 – First Talk

Extraction of phytochemicals using liquid and supercritical CO2 Prof. Ray Marriott (University of Bangor)

Extraction using liquid or supercritical CO2 is an established process for the large-scale processing of coffee, hops, herbs, spices and pharmaceutical molecules. It offers a clean extraction process free from the use of organic solvents and can be certified organic. The principles of extraction using liquid and supercritical CO2 will be described with examples of whole processes that rely on CO2 extraction. Pre-treatment requirements will also be covered and how these can improve process efficiency.

10:40 – Second Talk

Direct ultrasonic extraction of CBD from biomass using Hielscher Ultrasound technology

Dr Dan Clarke (SciMed)

Ultrasonic extraction has been a proven technology & process for years to yield high amounts of compounds and oils from all sorts of biomass across various industries. This process is now being turned to hemp extraction where the release of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, terpenes etc.) and other desirable extracts are becoming big business in a growing market with increasing demand. Our smallest lab scale unit (UP400St) can process 0.5 to 1 gal of hemp slurry in about 15 to 18 minutes. The larger ultrasound units work comfortably up to an incredible 60Kg of hemp plant per hour.

11:10 – Coffee

11:30 – Third Talk

Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Hemp – a rich source of functional molecules CO2 Prof. Ray Marriott (University of Bangor)

Hemp is mostly grown in the UK for fibre or for seed but there is an increasing interest in using this crop for other high value components. The use of supercritical CO2 to improve process economics in the production of seed oil and to obtain high value ingredients such and waxes and cannabinoids will be described as part of an integrated process scheme for the hemp plant. The UK legislative framework will also be covered and how this impacts on processing opportunities from the UK hemp crop.

12:00 – Forth Talk

Forming emulsions with CBD and formulation of products using Hielscher ultrasound technology

Dr Dan Clarke (SciMed)

Drinks, gels, juices, sweets & candy or just good old oil under the tongue are all ways CBD has been marketed. But how do you go from the raw extract or isolate to dispersing this precious commodity into your product that will hopefully hit the shelves of shops across the country? The answer is Ultrasound Technology. As with the extraction process, this isn’t reinventing the wheel, simply turning a classic and well understood application of ultrasound to a new product – CBD oil.

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Fifth Talk

Formulation centric approaches to extraction and processing – Harbaksh Sidhu (Core Separations)

Converting harvested feedstock to a product requires many processing steps such as drying, size reduction, extraction, winterization, filtration and distillation. Extraction and recovery of desired compounds from feedstock is a crucial step that requires careful consideration to get desired and consistent extracts for post-processing.  Equipment and operational considerations will be discussed.

14:00 – Practical session


Prof. Ray Marriott (University of Bangor)

Ray Marriott spent 35 years in industry working on the extraction and application of natural products before moving to academia in 2008. Ray is a Research Fellow at Bangor University developing commercial applications of supercritical CO2. From 1996 – 2008 Ray was Chief Executive and Technical Director of the extraction company Botanix where he was involved in the growing, harvesting, extraction and marketing of functional molecules from UK crops including food ingredients, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.  His principal research interests include extraction and fractionation of materials using liquid and supercritical CO2, biocatalysis in scCO2 as an alternative to organic solvents and the integration of these technologies into biorefinery schemes.

Ray has a biochemistry degree from Cambridge and a PhD in terpene chemistry from Bath University.

Harbaksh Sidhu (Core Separations)

Harbaksh Sidhu is the founder and CEO of Core Separations, a company focused on CO2 processing technologies. He was the General Manager of Purification Business Operations at Waters after its acquisition of Thar Instruments.  He was the President and co-owner of Thar Instruments.  His 25 years of experience in supercritical fluids equipment, processes design, development and manufacturing includes his role as the Program Director of Waters’ UPC2 analytical chromatography system, patents and diverse product portfolio.   

Dr. Dan Clarke (SciMed Ltd)

Dan Clarke has been at SciMed for nearly twelve years. Dan holds a Master’s degree in medicinal chemistry and Ph.D in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Leeds and held a post-doctoral position at Eli Lilly & Co. pharmaceutical company before moving to SciMed in May 2008. SciMed began their partnership with Hielscher in 2009 and since then ultrasound has grown from a fascination and a R&D based side project to be Dan’s most important product on industrial scales. CBD extraction and emulsification is just the latest in a long line of successes between SciMed and Hielscher.

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