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The measurement of IPBC (3-Iodo-2-propynyl butyl carbomate) in wood treatment solutions by XRF

Wood treatments are used to protect lumber from fungi, insects, UV damage and general wear. Lumber treated with IPBC is often used to treat window frames, as the iodine treatment does not discolor wood and does not hinder the coloring of the finished wood. When treating wood, the proper balance of treatment solution must be monitored to ensure the highest quality while minimizing waste and excess cost due to treatment usage or product rejection. Iodine levels (as IPBC) are monitored in solution prior to treatment, and then in the wood to ensure proper retention. A quick, simple, reliable means of analysis is required throughout the quality control process. XRF is an ideal tool for such analysis.


The Rigaku NEX CG combines indirect excitation with secondary targets, polarization targets and a high performance SDD detector to yield the optimum performance for elemental analysis of limestone. During the entire quarrying and processing cycle, oxide composition of the limestone material must be reliably monitored to ensure optimal process control and profitability. The Rigaku NEX CG analyzer is an ideal tool throughout the quality control process. In addition, the NEX CG can be used to monitor air filters for air quality emission control, and UltraCarry can be used to monitor process effluents to ppb range detection limits, making the NEX CG a versatile and valuable tool for several applications within limestone mining and processing.