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Fossil Energies as studied by thermal analysis

The study of fossil fuels by thermal analysis can yield valuable information. For example TGA can be used for proximate analysis of coal

Calibrating XRF spectrometers for ash analysis

To use X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) quantitatively, the analytical system must be calibrated. The usual procedure begins with the purchase of reference materials as powders. These samples are prepared as, e.g., fusion beads, they are measured as calibration standards and, finally, calibration and validation are conducted. Depending on the user’s experience level, the entire method development procedure is more or less cost and time intensive. FLUXANA has spent a great deal of time with the task of reducing these costs and, thus, also the development time for the user. The results are “ready-to-go” calibration sets for various industries that have been tested and approved by laboratories wordlwide. They include different types of calibration standards based on the need of the customers, validaton samples, drift monitors, sample preparation kits and onsite calibration. The flexibility and long-term stability make those calibration sets an ideal solution for highest quality XRF analysis.