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Analysis of Trace P, S, Cl in Aqueous solutions

Phosphorous, sulfur and chlorine are commonly analyzed elements in liquids such as petroleum products and organic solvents. For example, phosphorous is added to lubricating oils to prevent wear of gears under high pressure. Sulfur content in automotive fuel oils are regulated by the US environmental protection agency (EPA) and directives such as EURO VI to minimize air pollution due to automotive vehicles. Chlorine, contained for example in crude oil, is an unwanted element known for corroding oil processing installations and liquid transmission pipelines. To better meet demands of such applications, the benchtop wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescent (WDXRF) spectrometer Supermini200’s analyzing crystal set has been newly reconfigured to optimize performance for trace level analysis of P, S and Cl. XRF analysis allows rapid and precise elemental characterization of such samples with minimum sample preparation. Laborious sample treatment such as acid digestion or serial dilution are not required. Liquid samples are simply poured into a plastic cup covered with film for measurement and results can be obtained in minutes. This application note demonstrates Supermini200’s performance for low level P, S, Cl in oil samples for both short and long durations.

Analysis of Additives in Polymers

This application note introduces an Application Package for quantitative analysis of additive elements in polymer. The Application Package includes calibration standards and drift correction samples required for the quantitative analysis, the step-by-step instruction manual, etc. This Polymer Application Package makes it easy to set up the quantitative analysis application by the use of polyethylene disk specimens as calibration standards.

Cl in Aliumino Silicate Catalysts

It is important to control the chlorine content of FCC catalyst to guard against the formation of hazardous organo-chloride compounds such as dioxins and to prevent degradation of catalytic activity. This application note documents the performance of a Rigaku ZSX Primus series spectrometer for analysis of chlorine in FCC aluminosilicate catalyst