Stirred Vessels

Agitation of chemical reaction mixtures is critical for many processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries.

Parr stirred pressure vessels feature magnetically coupled overhead stirring with a range of stirrer and motor options to provide the best package for a given application. Whether the reactor is intended for hydrogenations, and high stirring speeds and gas entrainment stirrers are needed; or a high viscosity polymerisation needing a geared direct drive and high power motor, with an anchor type stirrer, Parr stirred reactors can be configured to manage it.

Parr instrument company is able to offer stirred reactors in sizes from 50ml up to 100 litres

5500 Compact Lab Reactor

The Compact series (25–600ml) was developed with the academic user in mind where a simple entry level system is of interest. This system uses standard Parr pressure vessels with lower specification components than what is found on the 4500 series vessels. However, the lower coupling force on the mag drive, the lower powered direct drive motor and aluminium heater are particularly suitable for small scale R&D where working conditions are under 200 bar and 350oC. The small footprint of the system makes this a very popular choice of unit where space is at a premium.          …

4500 Series Stirred Pressure Vessels

Parr supply a family of stirred pressure vessels ranging from 25ml to 5 USG (18.75L). These are split into 7 series which all follow the same design principles and use Parr’s extensive design and manufacture capabilities to ensure that the systems are as user-friendly as possible without compromising the pressure vessel safety.                                   All of these vessels come complete with a stand comprising heater and motor and a Parr 4848 controller. Material of Construction All standard Parr pressure vessels are made from 316 stainless…