Thermal Screening

P28-RSC-400 (380)

RSC 400AS – Thermal Screening

The Rapid Screening Calorimeter (RSC-400AS) can be used to study the thermal stability of materials up to 400°C with a heating rate up to 10°C/min.  During an experiment oven and sample temperature are logged along and also importantly the sample pressure. The sample cells are bombs of about 8mL available in different materials such as stainless steel, titanium or Hastelloy. The RSC-400AS can run 2 simultaneous samples (or sample and reference) thus giving excellent testing throughput for the rapid screening of materials. You can also visit the Setaram website for more product details by clicking on their logo below: Contact…



Simple and robust DSC with an operating range of -170°C to 700°C and with an optional 59 position autosampler. SETLINE – Unusually Simple, Surprisingly Powerful DSC   The SETLINE DSC is our most cost-effective DSC and can also be equipped with a 59 place autosampler should it be required. This makes it ideal for a range of applications in industry, QC, and education. System Highlights Ease of use and robust compact design Range of crucible types Economically priced instrument and sensor easily replaced. Low running costs Robust DSC sensor yielding, consistent and reliable data. 59 position autosampler on DSC +…