XRF Sample preparation/consumables

SciMed offers a complete range of XRF sample preparation solutions in partnership with Fluxana. From consumables, to presses, mills, dies and bead fusion systems, every application has its solution. Furthermore, a complete range of calibration packages and certified standards are available.

XRF Application Packages ,Calibration Reference Standards and Setup standards

SciMed can offer and extensive range of reference standards for your applications. With its extensive knowledge base SciMed with Fluxana can offer both single and sets of international reference standards to set up XRF system for a wide range of applications from Metals to industrial Minerals. Application Packages   Complete application, calibration  packages are available as powders, pelelts and fused beads for  the following XRF applications: Certified Reference Materials Visit Fluxana standard reference Materials for the latest range of products at: https://fluxana.com/products/reference-materials/fluxana-reference-materials   Or visit the FluXearch page to register and search =the largest database of international Reference standards available….

Pellet Presses and Dies

SciMed though Fluxana offer the widest range of robust and reliable hydraulic pr4essesw designed specifically for the XRF market. From 15 tonnes to 40 tonne automatic presses. SciMed offer expert advice for all XRF users in choosing the most appropriate press for their applications. Contact SciMed to learn about which press is best for you in terms of throughput requirements, analytical requirements and cost. 15T Vaneox: Manual Operation Up to 15t maximum pressure Two lever positions Stroke: 16mm Entry-level model – ideal for benchtop ED-XRF 25T Manual Vaneox Manual Operation Up to 25t maximum pressure Stroke: 16mm Basic model –…

Flux Dosing Solutions

SciMed offers a range of flux dosing machines that can be used for any fusion bead making process. This product category page presents our range of machines from Fluxana. BORAMAT® Mono The Boromat Mono Doser is an automatic dosing machine for flux in XRF analysis. It is designed to improve the efficiency and precision of your weighing routine and save time in the sample preparation in your XRF laboratory. The intelligent software and monitoring functions minimise error and give security in the whole weighing process. Scales used with the machine can be, in most situations, provided by any manufacturer. BORAMAT®…

Automatic Fusion Bead Solutions

SciMed offers a complete range of fusion bead machines. This product category page presents our range of machines from Fluxana. SciMed is the only UK provider that has a local dedicated team of field service engineers, application support specialists and product specialists for these products.   VITRIOX® GAS The VITRIOX® GAS is a gas operated fusion machine with cold to cold automation and up to 6 positions that can operate simultaneously. lts technology is based on many years experience in XRF fusion and analysis. lt offers: Safety: optional platinum mould sensors, customer-specific safety housing and fume hood, gas detector, safety…

XRF Consumables and Sample Preparation

SciMed offers a complete range of sample preparation solutions. A full range of consumables are kept in stock for rapid delivery. These include: • liquid/powder cups • sample film • fusion flux • Lico Wax for pellets We also stock the unique Patented Ultra Carry and Micro Carry Films. As part of our commitment to offer a complete package, we also provide: • manual and hydraulic presses • mills • pellet dies • automated fusion equipment for making fused beads Contact us now > Or call us now on 0161 442 9963 to speak to a Product Specialist.