4500 Series Stirred Pressure Vessels

Parr supply a family of stirred pressure vessels ranging from 25ml to 5 USG (18.75L). These are split into 7 series which all follow the same design principles and use Parr’s extensive design and manufacture capabilities to ensure that the systems are as user-friendly as possible without compromising the pressure vessel safety.


















All of these vessels come complete with a stand comprising heater and motor and a Parr 4848 controller.

Material of Construction

All standard Parr pressure vessels are made from 316 stainless steel (316SS). However, the 316SS may not be of a suitable material of construction for certain chemical processes and corrosion may occur. Therefore, Parr can manufacture their vessels out of many different materials including:

• Alloy C276 (hastelloy)
• Alloy 600 (Inconel)
• Alloy 400 (Monel)
• Titanium

When a different material of construction is required, the sales engineer will be able to talk you through the various options to help you make the correct choice for your specific process.

4848 Controller

The Parr 4848 controller is our standard controller for all Parr stirred reactors. The controller has the following features:
• PID control with auto-tuning for accurate temperature control
• 2 channel output for heating and cooling functions
• Manual motor speed control
• Latching alarm reset for alarm conditions
• Ramp and soak program function.

The controller can also be enhanced with the following optional modules:

• Motor Control Module (MCM): A tachometer is added to the system to give both a digital readout of the stirrer speed and the ability to control the speed to a desired set-point.
• Pressure Display Module (PDM): A pressure transducer is added to the vessel and the pressure in the vessel can be measured to 1 decimal place. This gives a significant improvement in readability of pressure over the standard analogue gauge. In addition, an over pressure alarm set-point can be set which, if reached, will turn off the vessel heater.
• External Temperature Limit Module (ETLM): A thermocouple is added to the heater system to measure the external wall temperature of the cylinder. A working temperature limit can be set on the vessel wall. This is useful in circumstances where temperature control is difficult such as processes with no liquid present. Also when a Teflon liner is used in the vessel it is necessary to limit the wall temperature so as not to damage the liner.
• Solenoid valve module (SVM). A solenoid valve can be added so as to automate the flow of cooling fluid through the internal cooling coil. This is especially useful when an exothermic reaction is being performed such as a polymerisation.

With the optional A1925E4 communications cable and Specview software, it is possible to set the controller from a PC and log the process values to a file that can be exported to programs such as Excel.

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