AQUARIUS Liquid Sample accessory for Electron Microscopes

FlowViewTek offers a unique range of solutions enabling users to image liquid suspensions using any Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) under full vacuum for a wide range of applications, including:

  •             Semiconductor and electronics
  •             Biological samples – including living cells
  •             Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  •             Energy and Batteries, for example lithium dendrites
  •             ISO&TR 13014, standard inspection for eight major physiochemical properties


Traditional, SEM poses a number of obstacles to imaging liquid samples in their native state, such as:

  • Time-consuming sample preparation methods
  •  Sample dehydration leading to change in structure, such as particle aggregation or cell degradation
  • In-situ observation of samples using temperature control, flow control, or electrical control have not been possible
  • The need to purchase a specialised “Environmental” SEM instrument operating a specimen chamber under vapor pressure equipped with gaseous detection device (GDD) rather than the standard Everhart-Thornley detector.
SEM image with Aquarious liquid cell
SEM image of liquid suspension with Aquarious liquid cell

FlowVIEW’s breakthrough technology

  • Ease of Use: The liquid sample holder allows the samples to be loaded easily in 30 seconds.
  • High Resolution: the optional high resolution set offers the ability to image up to a magnification of 200K, viewing objects as small as 7 nm.
  • Highly Compatible: Our products are compatible with all SEM equipment available on the market.  They can also be used with any sample preparation tools such as powder disperser (for the powders’ particle size distribution), centrifuge (for observing morphology of biologic samples), membrane filter (for identifying liquid defects), etc.
  • High Customisation: All products can be custom made as requested. We appreciate every opportunity to make further progress.

Watch the video below to view the simplicity of use as well as the capabilities:

You can also visit the FLOWViewTek website for more product details by clicking on their logo below:

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