P42-atlas cal 380

ATLAS HD Reaction Calorimeter

Reaction calorimetry is a non-intrusive, non- destructive, real time technique that yields valuable process data. The Atlas Calorimeter generates calorimetry data with the same effort required to run a regular chemistry experiment and accurately measures the power and enthalpy of chemical reactions under process like conditions. This provides information such as reaction kinetics and safety data that is invaluable in process optimisation, scale-up and hazard analysis.

Main features of the Atlas HD Calorimeter

  • Designed to be used by regular chemists and not just safety specialists.
  • Can operate in power compensation or Heat flow calorimetry modes.
  • Fully automated control with state-of-the-art flexible software.
  • Quick to set up.
  • Easy data analysis.
  • Easy to interface with other monitoring techniques such as pH, turbidity, FTIR, FBRM.


  • Recommended vessel volume: 250 mL – 2 L
  • Operating temperature: Optimally -40 to +160 °C
  • Accuracy and precision: Typical Accuracy Heat Flow ± 5%
  • Sensitivity ≤ 0.1 W/kg
  • Maximum Exotherm: 100 W/L for HFC: 50 W for PCC (depends on heater used)
  • Reactor Pressure: Vacuum to 0.25 bar(g)

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