ATR-L Refractometer

The ATR-L is a digital, multiple wavelength spectral refractometer ideal for research and development. The refractometer is equipped with a Peltier thermostat and provides automatic dispersion measurement at 7 wavelengths over the full range of visible light


The measuring principle of the ATR-L is similar to DNA analysis giving unique fingerprint-like data for a particular product. Using this fingerprinting characterisation; high quality products like wine, perfumes, alcoholic beverages etc. can be easily identified along with possible forgeries.

  • High-precision refractometer
  • Automatic dispersion measurement
  • Seven wavelengths fixed
  • Automatic ABBE number measurement
  • Ideal for research and development
  • 0.3 ml sample volume

Main specifications

Measuring scales Refractive Index (RI), Sucrose (%Brix)
Measuring range 1,33200 – 1,70000 RI / 100% Brix
Resolution 0,00001 RI / 0,01 Brix
Precision ± 0.00004 RI* / ± 0.03 Brix
Reproducibility ± 0.00004 RI* / ± 0.03 Brix
Measurement mode Single sample
Ambient temperature 15 °C – 40 °C
Temperature measurement NTC sensor for measurement of sample temperature placed inside the prism
Temperature control sample By build-in solid state Petier-thermostat
Temperature control range 10 °C – 80 °C
Temperature resolution 0.01 °C
Temperature precision ± 0.03 °C
Temperature reproducibility ± 0.02 °C
Temperature compensation Brix 10 °C – 80 °C
Additional Information
Prism YAG
Light source/wavelength LED, 7 discrete wavelengthsfixed 400, 450, 490, 545, 589, 660, 700 nm (others on request)
Display back -lit LCD, 16 x16 characters
Operation 20 key membrane including function keys
Interfaces/communication RS232 C serial bi-directional port, parallel interface (Centronics), USB optional
Conformity International Pharmacopoeia, ASTM, AOAC, DIN, FDA, ICUMSA and others

* Standard conditions (589 nm, 20°C)

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