Automatic Dielectric Breakdown Tester 400

Automatic Dielectric Breakdown Tester

The majority of high-voltage transformers, cables, switchgears, transducers, capacitors, and rectifiers use insulating oils for insulating electrically live parts and to carry off thermal energy.

 The quality of the insulating oil must be checked at regular intervals to ensure a long equipment service life. 

The most important requirement of an insulating oil is a high dielectric strength. Determination of the dielectric breakdown voltage of insulating oils provides an early detection method for any reduction in the insulating properties.

·       Conforms to ASTM D877, D1816 and related test specifications

·       Output voltage: 75kV

·       Colour display for optimal readability and mobility

·       Built-in printer offers direct evaluation and reporting of results

·       Internal battery, external 12V power supply

·       Automatic Vernier function for electrode gap spacing

·       Measurement of Silicone based oils

·       Internal temperature measurement of oil sample

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