Bowman XRF – L Series

The L Series is the most flexible instrument that Bowman offers in terms of sample size. It offers the same testing performance as the P Series with a larger sample chamber and greater X-Y stage travel. For samples larger than ~12 inches in any direction, the L Series is the perfect solution. The large sample stage and travel allows for both large parts, or large sample fixtures holding multiple parts, to be measured.

The chamber is fully enclosed and boasts a capacity to hold samples up to 22”x24”x13” (LxWxH). The X-Y stage travel distance is 10”x10”.

The standard L-Series configuration has the 4-position collimator assembly, and a variable focus camera allowing for measurement in recessed areas. As with other models, the collimator sizes and focal distances are customizable for different customer applications. The programmable X-Y stage is included, but can be removed to allow for the maximum sample height capacity (10” z-height with stage, 13” without). The solid-state PIN detector is included along with our long-life micro-focus x-ray tube. The high performance SDD detector is an optional upgrade.

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