Bowman XRF – O Series

The O Series is the first model in the high performance range from Bowman combining high performance with a small x-ray spot size. The O-series introduce poly-capillary optics system rather then usina collimator assemble. The optics focus the x-rays coming from the tube exit window to a very small spot size (80μm FWHM) while retaining virtually 100% of the tube flux. This in contrast with a collimator which attenuates the x-rays that can’t fit through the small apertures. The poly-capillary optics assembly allows almost all of the x-rays energy from the tube to reach the sample. The result is much greater sensitivity for testing very small components or thin coatings. Shorter test times can achieve even better repeatability when comparing optics systems vs. a similar sized collimator.

Furthermore, the camera on the O Series has a greater magnification compared to other models like the P Series, with a 45x video magnification and 5x higher digital zoom. A programmable X-Y sample stage is also standard.

Typical applications for the O series are:

• Gold plating
• Silver plating
• Electroless Nickel
• “White Bronze” (Cu-Sn-Zn)
• Palladium/Palladium Alloys
• Tin/Tin Alloys

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