Calibrated Glass Capillary Kinematic Viscometers

SciMed offer a full selection of glass capillary viscometers for measuring kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products in accordance with ASTM D445 and related standard test methods.

All types of viscometers conform to ASTM D446 and related standard specifications for glass capillary kinematic viscometers. Each viscometer is supplied with a calibration certificate.

Cannon®-Fenske Routine Viscometers

The Cannon®-Fenske Routine viscometer is a rugged and inexpensive viscometer that works well if the sample is transparent or translucent.

Ubbelohde Viscometers

The Ubbelohde viscometer and other suspended level viscometers are used to measure transparent liquids. Unlike the Cannon®-Fenske Routine viscometer, suspended level viscometers maintain the same viscometer constant at all temperatures, advantageous when samples are to be measured at different temperatures.

Reverse Flow Viscometers

The Cannon®-Fenske Opaque viscometers have been designed for testing opaque liquids. These viscometers wet the timing section of the viscometer capillary only during the actual measurement and must be cleaned, dried and refilled before a repeat measurement can be made. By contrast, other viscometer types commonly used to measure transparent liquids allow the sample to be repeatedly drawn up into the capillary, permitting duplicate measurements.

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