The CompEAct is latest generation in elemental combustion analysers from Analytik Jena. A single integrated unit provides solutions for the analysis of liquids, gases and LPG to determine total sulphur and total nitrogen concentrations. The powerful built-in computer with touch screen operation controls all aspects of the analysis from sample introduction to reporting of results. A direct LAN connection allows remote access from an external PC, on-site control room or on the move via mobile phone, and easy integration into LIMS. Integrated method libraries include ASTM, ISO, UOP and IP methods for analysis in the petrochemical industry. A range of autosamplers are available to meet individual laboratory requirements.

compEAct N – Elemental analyzer for total nitrogen (TN) determination

compEAct S – Elemental analyzer for total sulphur (TS) determination

compEAct SMPO – Elemental analyzer for interference-free sulphur (TS) determination in fuels and other refinery samples




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