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CONOSTAN® Certified Oil Standards

SCP SCIENCE incorporated the CONOSTAN® brand over 15 years ago, adding its complete range of oil and aqueous elemental  standards to the SCP SCIENCE group of products.

The CONOSTAN® leading industry position is derived from superior product chemistry, manufacturing technology, and blending techniques. CONOSTAN® products are used extensively in the calibration and operation of analytical instruments for the analysis of elements in oil and other organic fluids.

CONOSTAN® is the only source of metallo-organic standards in the history of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). Click here to see a history of CONOSTAN® and NIST. The variety of products afford convenience as reference and routine analytical materials for AA, ICP, DCP, XRF and other analytical techniques.

The standards cover the following ranges:

  • Lubricant analysis standards
  • Metallo-organic standards in oil and fuel matrices.
  • Flash point standards for ASTM D93
  • Sulfur and chlorine in oil standards. Matrices include crude oil, isooctane, residual oil, mineral oil, diesel fuel and biodiesel.
  • Matrix reference materials.

Each CRM is certified through a round-robin study employing specific methods of analysis with independent verification from multiple laboratories. Includes Certificate of Analysis listing consensus values, confidence and tolerance intervals, and instructions for use:

PartiSTAN particle size standards are designed for calibration and verification of automatic particle counters.

PremiSOLV ICP solvent is a zero-odour, low toxicity alternative to kerosene or xylene for use as a diluent or zero-point standard in ICP/DCP analysis of metals in oil and other organic fluids. Supplied with a certificate of analysis for 33 trace metals and sulfur.

Wear metals in lubricating oil – SRM 1083, SRM-1084, SRM-1085

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