COOL-CARE® aircooled

COOL-CARE® is a unique range of air cooled chillers.

This chiller is ideally suited for cooling after-condensers used in conjunction with membrane vacuum pumps.

The COOL-CARE® applies the same principle as a circulating cooler. A refrigerating unit cools the circulating water or
anti-freeze mixture in a small container made out of V2A, from where a circulating pump conveys it to the unit which is
to be cooled.

Range of application
• Electrophoresis
• Micro-Rotis
• Soxleth
• Water baths – and more

• 100% water savings
• Temperature of cooling water can be set as required
• Minimal space requirements on the laboratory table
• Virtually silent in operation
• Exceptionally easy to use
• Carrying handle for fast and easy transport
• Suitable for a wide range of uses

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