DLS particle size & Zeta Potential – The NanoBrook Family

Brookhaven offer a range of instruments for determination of particle size by DLS and Zeta Potential.

The NanoBrook series offer a full range of instruments for particle sizing from 0.3nm to 10 micron with DLS. Zeta Potential is also available in the same instruments.

Molecular weight determination, dielectric constant determination, microrheology, and surface eta potential can all be controlled by one single data acquisition software, the eminently powerful ‘particle solutions’.

DLS sizing features:
• rapid and accurate protein and nanoparticle size distributions
• multimodal and unimodal size distribution software
• ISO 13321 and ISO 22412 compliant results
• range: > 0.3 nm to 10 µm
• three measurement angles: 15°, 90°, and 173°
• ideal for fast, routine sizing applications in research or quality control
• high power 35 mW diode laser
• dynamic light scattering at 173° and 90°
• temperature control, -5 °C to 110 °C
• compact bench top unit, USB connection
• molecular weight determination (relative and absolute through Debye plot).

Zeta Potential features:
• Zeta Potential for the difficult cases…
• for proteins, peptides, mAb, RNA and other biological samples
• for zeta potential in organic solvents
• for oily or viscous media
• for high-salt suspensions
• for samples near the I.E.P.
• 1,000 times more sensitive than other techniques
• disposable cuvettes, no contamination or alignment
• built in automatic procedures and parameters (SOP)
• easy to use.

The above features are available in a range of combinations:

For the ultimate combination of all the above features above in one chassis, the NanoBrook Omni offers everything. SciMed have an Omni Demo Uni.

Please ask about a live demonstration.

You can also visit the Brookhaven website for more product details by clicking their logo below:

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