The TitrEC is a multi-parameter robotic platform that fully automates electrochemical measurements for large numbers of samples. Improved operational efficiency allows laboratories to take on new projects, improve throughput and re-allocate personnel to higher value tasks.


  • Alkalinity Measurement
  • pH Measurement and Adjustment
  • Conductivity Measurement
  • ORP Measurement
  • Chloride and Fluoride by ISE Measurement
  • Turbidity Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement


TitrEC key features:

Up to 9 point calibration for pH, and 2 points for electrical conductivity.

Auto washing station prevents sample cross-contamination.

Barcoding capability provides automatic loading of sample and rack IDs.

User friendly, LIMS compatible software.

Accommodates up to 47 x 100ml sample vessels.

Simultaneous pH, alkalinity and conductivity measurement.

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