Flash Point Testers

Flashpoint test for petroleum, fuel and chemicals.
SciMed offers the complete range of flash point testers from Koehler Instruments.
Flashpoint testing is conducted to industry practice, including ASTM and other test standards.
Koehler flashpoint testers are available for petroleum, chemicals, fuels, consumer goods, and many other materials.

Flashpoint tests:
• Abel Flash Point test
• Pensky-Martens Flash Point test
• Tag Flash Point test
• Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Test (COC)
• Rapid Equilibrium Methods (RECC)
• Rapid Equilibrium Flash, No-Flash Methods
• Continuously Closed Cup Method (CCCF)

These methods comply with the following methods:

Flashpoint test methods:

Pensky-Martens Flashpoint (Open and Closed Cup):
• ASTM D93
• ISO 2719, IP34, IP 404 (PMCC)
• IP 35, BS2000-35 (PM Open Cup)

Tag Cup Flashpoint:
• ASTM D56 (Tag Closed Cup)
• ASTM D3143 (Tag Open Cup)
• AASHTO T79 (Tag Open Cup)

Cleveland Open Cup Flashpoint:
• IP 36, EN ISO 2592 (COC)

Abel Closed Cup Flashpoint:
• IP 170, EN ISO 13736, (Abel Closed Cup)

Rapid Equilibrium Flashpoint:
• ASTM D3828, ASTM D3941, ASTM D3934, (RECC and Flash, No-Flash)
• IP523, ISO 3679, IP492, EN ISO 1523 (RECC)
• IP 524, EN ISO 3680, IP 491, EN ISO 1516, (RECC, Flash, No-Flash)

Continously Closed Cup Flashpoint:
• ASTM D6450 (CCCFP)

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