Foster & Freeman ffTA

The ffTA is a powerful and flexible multifunctional system that provides laboratories with a range of analytical facilities using a single microscope and PC.

An optical multiplexer allows the operator to switch from one function to another to perform a range of applications. The various modules are optional and can be simply retro-fitted to expand system capability when required. Equipped with three tuneable laser wavelengths, 785nm (invisible), 638nm and 532nm, the ffTA module is a uniquely versatile device that offers high levels of sensitivity using the 532nm, the ability to supress fluorescence using the near infra-red 785nm laser, as well as the balance between power and sensitivity that can be achieved through using the 638nm laser.

Current ffTA modules include:
• glass RI measurements
• image processing
• fluorescence imaging
• micro-spectrometry
• Raman spectrometry
• polarised light microscopy

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