High Pressure CO2 Recycler

A recycling system can be used to recycle carbon dioxide after collection system (high pressure fraction collection vessel). This system consists of storage vessel with level sensor for carbon dioxide storage, level sensor module to display level, condensing heat exchanger, condensing cooling bath, and valves. The system also features pressure relief valve that can be piped to vent to relieve pressure in case of over-pressurization or overfill conditions. Fill conditions in a system are dictated by operating conditions. Based on display of level sensor module, user switches carbon dioxide supply to system from carbon dioxide source or to storage vessel in recycling mode.

• Operating Pressure Range: 60 – 62 bar
• Min. Inlet Pressure: 56 bar
• Pressure Relief: 68 bar
• Insulated Storage Capacity: 15 Liters
• Max. Compatible System Capacity: 5 Liters
• Max. System flow rate: 350 g/min
• Bleed Valve: 1
• Relief Valve: 1
• On/Off Valve: 1
• Level Sensor: Low, Low-Low, High, High-High
• Manual Switching Valve: CO2 source and recycle mode
• Cooling Bath: 1
• Cooling Heat Exchanger: 1

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