HIROX SH-5500P Benchtop SEM

First ever benchtop SEM with a 5-axis motorised stage and 1-30KV accelaration

Not only can the user get a motorized x-y-z movements but it also includes 360degrees rotation and tilt.

The HIROS SH5500P offers features comparable to an entry level floor standing Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Up to 150,000x Magnification
  •  SE and BSE Detector
  • 1kV to 30kV Variable Accelerating Voltage in 6 steps
  • Multi-Vacuum Mode – Standard / Charge Up
  • Image Observation Ready within 2 min.
  • 4-Hole Variable Aperture (30/50/100/200µm) for enhanced imagin
  • Five axis motorised stage: X-Y-Z-R-T
  • 5nm resolution
  • Options – BRUKER EDS System, Cooling Stage and many more


Non-conductive samples can be observed without coating, easy to use:

  • Auto adjustment functions
  • System can be ready within 2 min afte• sample exchange
  • Compact and flexible
  • Friendly GUI


Video of the 5 axis motorised sample stage:

Low vac image on a Hirox SEM SH-5500P


Watch this video of the easy to use Nano Eye software and observe the simplicity of the sample handling and the benefits of the 5 axis stage on an intricate sample:



High quality images:
• Image resolution up to 5 Megapixels
• Good depth of field
• Multiple image formats compatible
• On-screen measurement: Distance, Angle…etc.

Image of Gold Nano Particles at full magnifications highlightin the sub 10nm resolution



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