The MicroNIR 1700 and MicroNIR 2200

JDSU has created an ultra-compact, lightweight, low-cost, near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer that relies on a linear variable filter (LVF) as the dispersing element and uses advanced thin-film coating design and manufacturing technology. The LVF is a bandpass filter coating that is intentionally wedged in one direction.

Since the centre wavelength of the bandpass is a function of the coating thickness, the wavelength transmitted through the filter will vary linearly in the direction of the wedge. The JDSU line of LVF spectral sensors uses an LVF coupled to a linear detector array to create a sensor capable of providing spectral information for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and scientific applications.

The NIR spectrometer is one of many in the family of miniature LVF-based spectrometers where the light source, collection optics, electronics, and basic operating software are fully integrated and offered as a package to originalequipment manufacturers (OEMs). The NIR spectral engine can be customised as needed for the end-use application.

Key Features:

  • Ultra compact
  • Lightweight
  • Robust: no moving parts
  • Integrated light source, collection
  • Optics, and electronics
  • Wavelength range:950 – 1650 nm (MicroNIR 1700 or1150 – 2150 nm (MicroNIR 2200) or custom ranges possible
  • Diffuse reflectance or transmission measurement
  • USB powered
  • Highly customizable

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