MiniFlex – Benchtop XRD

MiniFlex offers a wide range of flexibility in the newly-launched 6th Generation benchtop XRD system. With the choice of a 600 watts or 300 watts X-ray tube (no external chiller required), it makes an ideal system for qualitative or quantitative analysis.

Features of the new 6th Generation MiniFlex include:
• High speed silicon strip detector as standard
• 2D detector option with the HyPix400–MF: the latest HPAD detector for 0D, 1D and 2D measurement
• 8 position sample changer

The MiniFlex X-ray diffractometer is a multipurpose analytical instrument that can determine:
• phase identification and quantification
• percent (%) crystallinity
• crystallite size and strain
• lattice parameter refinement
• Rietveld refinement
• molecular structure

The MiniFlex system delivers speed and sensitivity through innovative technology advances, including the Hypix- 400 2D hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD) together with an available 600W X-ray source and new 8 position automatic sample changer. This direct photon counting detector enables high speed, low noise data collection and may be operated in 0D and 1D modes for conventional XRD analysis and 2D mode for samples with coarse grain size and/or preferred orientation.

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